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Reduce your termination costs by 30% or more with LRN dipping

No more wasting time or money on substandard routing schemes and unauthorized dipping service providers.

As an authorized NPAC LRN (Number Portability Administration Center) provider, Piratel is able to provide accurate LRN data for high-volume customers. Our team is prompt, clear and responsive to your needs.


  • 302 SIP Redirect lookup

  • DNS Based lookup


  • Flexible formats – Piratel supports multiple formats to work with a wide range of equipment.

  • Custom formats – Can’t work with one of our preset formats? Piratel can customize the format to meet your equipment.

  • High Capacity – Built with burst lookups in mind we can handle your lookup volume


  • Simplified, competitive flat-rate monthly billing based on LPS/Lookups per second.

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