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Based in Orange County, California, with switching facilities in Los Angeles, Piratel serves large and small businesses throughout the US and around the globe.

Combining Innovation with Enjoyment

Let’s face it: The telecom business can often feel like a void of blinking lights, set to the monotonous drone of servers. When we began Piratel, we saw the opportunity to inject a little fun into an otherwise impersonal industry, by creating a service that combines technical expertise with an accessible, human approach.

Since our inception in 2012, Piratel has made a commitment to exceed customer expectations by delivering the most efficient and up-to-date VOIP technologies. We designed our network from the ground up to tap into the most current IP switching and transport equipment, improving infrastructure capacity, visibility, and support. At Piratel, our customers benefit from the collective experience, innovation, and dedication of our team. When you work with us, you’ll receive ongoing assistance to ensure your business has everything it needs for continued growth and productivity.

Piratel is an FCC 214 licensed carrier and a participating member of ATIS-IPNNI Taskforce.

OCN: 502J

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