Agent Program

Join the Piratel fleet. Opportunity awaits.


Interested in being part of our team? Piratel is always looking for ambitious agents who share our values of customer service and high performance. While our company is relatively new on the telecom scene, the majority of our founders and support staff have years of industry experience.

The IP industry is transitioning away from terrestrial-based connectivity to access via the Internet, creating new opportunities for customers to connect with a whole new generation of carriers.

We at Piratel have built our network ground-up to embrace this new technology, giving our company a significant advantage over the legacy networks of the past. We have the necessary specialized expertise to seamlessly carry voice traffic over a voip network. In addition, we have a robust network designed for high-volume, low call-duration traffic, along with the management experience to maintain the high-quality standards your customers require.

At Piratel, we focus on enhancing and streamlining your business with quality products, competitive pricing and commissions, expert hand-holding, and dedicated customer service. Because our customers’ continued satisfaction is one of our core values, we make sure your commissions are paid on time and you have continuous support.

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